Following relaxation of the State Covid-19 regulations Salon 51 will be reopening at 8.30 am on Wednesday 13th May. To help to ensure the safety of our clients and staff we will strictly follow protocols and best practice as laid down by State and local authorities. These protocols may be subject to change as we gain experience.

Services will be provided by appointment only and 15 minute intervals will be left between appointments to enable stylists to cleanse their stations and equipment in preparation for their next client. Stylists will only be able to service one customer at a time. These protocols will severely reduce the number of clients we can see on a given day and our ability to make last minute changes to appointments and services. 

Please arrive a little early for your appointment. In order to be fair to all our clients anyone arriving late will have to rebook their appointments for another day. When you arrive please let reception know and then wait outside on the chairs provided or in your car until you are contacted to come in. You will be required to sign a Covid-19 Declaration and Release of liability and to provide Contact Tracing information.

When we have been able to source the necessary equipment you will be asked to have your temperature taken with a no contact thermometer. Anyone with a fever will be refused entry. Please arrive wearing a face mask and keep it on the entire time you are in the salon. If you forget your mask we will provide one for you at cost of $3 while supplies last. No one will be allowed to enter the salon without a face mask.

Please be patient, we are doing the best we can. These protocols will cause our services to take longer at a time when we have a significant backlog and there will be less time for socializing. Appointments may be harder to get at preferred times as everyone is trying to catch up and we cannot double book.

Rest assured that Salon 51 and our staff will do everything that we can to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible and we will endeavor to provide the best level of service in these difficult circumstances.